10 Uses For Duct Tape

You’ve probably heard that duct tape has many uses. With the durability and stickiness of duct tape, it’s become a common household item.

1) Just recently, I removed a splinter from my foot with duct tape. It worked great.  This could also work, if you stepped on a small piece of glass.

2) Duct tape is also great for repairing the bottoms of suitcases that take a beating at the airport. Use black duct tape, and the repair will go unnoticed.

3) For a construction business, duct tape is a great way to tape up the ends of pipe. This helps to keep the pipe clean, until it’s final connection. Duct tape also closes up the pipe, so no small animals can get into the pipe.

4) Duct tape is great for wrapping around the handle of hammers, shovels, or other tools. It give you a better grip, plus, if the handle is made out of wood, stops you from getting splinters.

5) Duct tape can be used to tape up a book binding that’s beginning to fall apart. Use clear duct tape, or a coordinating color.

6) Use duct tape to reinforce sporting equipment, such as tennis rackets or hockey sticks.

7) I’ve heard that placing a piece of duct tape over a wart, will help to make the wart disappear. Hopefully, the wart isn’t on your face. :roll:

8.) Duct tape would be good for repairing a vinyl seat, whether in your car, or in the kitchen.

9) Often, you’ll see duct tape used to temporarily repair a broken tail light.

10) Duct tape could also be used to fix a rip on a tent.

If you do a search for “uses for duct tape”, you’ll find many. Some are pretty silly (like making clothes out of duct tape), but many are well thought out. Who knew that a simple product, like duct tape, could create such a buzz.

Now that there is a variety of colors of duct tape, the possibilities seem endless. A creative person could get pretty artsy with colorful duct tape.

Do you have a favorite use for duct tape? Drop me a comment, and share your idea with the world.

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