A Simple Home Office Tip

No matter what type of office you have, you’re getting telephone calls. When the calls come in, sometimes you can transfer the call to someone else, but a lot of times, not. We’ve had an office for our business since it’s inception in 1992. I’m the one who answers the telephone and am responsible for making sure follow through is done.

I’ve tried many methods of recording calls, but the most simple method I’ve found is to have a cheap spiral notebook. I record the date every morning, and as the calls come in, record who called, and what they’re requesting. I also use my notebook to jot down notes about calls I make so that I have a “running diary”. From my notebook, I can create messages for others or a list for myself. To me, it’s also a great “backup” system.

It’s amazing how many times, I’ve gone back to my previous pages, and used the information I had written. If I make a call, I record the name of the company, their telephone number and the name of the person I spoke with. Whether I have to call them back because they didn’t follow through on what they said, to update an order, or whatever; I have all of the information at my finger tips. I think it holds a lot of weight when I am able to call someone back and say, “On the 3rd, when I spoke to Bob (or whomever), he said, blah, blah, blah….” It makes people accountable. Plus, I’m not trying to remember to tell someone else about a call that came in. I need my brain storage for more important things.

I keep my notebook by the telephone, so when the phone rings, I can grab a pen and record the information as I’m speaking to the caller. Sometimes the caller gives me more information than I actually need, but I record that information as well. At times, that comes in handy, too. When my notebook is full, I record the date range on the cover and file it away. If I’m using a cordless phone and am away from my desk, I will jot down the information on whatever, and when I’m done with the call, I transfer the information to my notebook.

So, if you’re tired of trying to find that scrap piece of paper you wrote a phone number on, or are finding yourself forgetting who called, try this simple method.

Hint: Right before school starts, spiral notebooks are extremely cheap, so that’s when I stock up on them.

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