Best Home Improvements To Make

If you are remodeling your home, for yourself, or with the thought of resale in mind, making the right home improvements, can add value to the price of your home and attract more buyers.

Approach home improvement project on an “as needed’ basis. Some homes won’t require any remodeling, but may need something as simple as a coat of fresh paint either inside and/or outside.

If your home is older, the following are possibly some of the best home improvements you can make, to receive the biggest return on your money.

1) Repair or replace the roof – Use reputable roofing contractors

2) Repair, replace or repaint the siding – Call for quotes from licensed siding contractors

Kitchen remodeling often gives you a good return on your money. Stick with a budget. Overruns are easy to encounter.

3) Replace or repaint the kitchen cabinets. Painting is the least expensive option, followed by replacing or refacing the doors and drawer fronts of your kitchen cabinets. Home improvement stores offer many choices for new kitchen cabinets. Obviously, custom cabinetry will be the most expensive option.

4) Replace the kitchen counter top. Laminates are the least expensive. Other alternatives include concrete, granite, butcher block, tile, solid surfacing, glass, plus many other stone products.

5) Replace kitchen appliances. Currently stainless steel is popular, however, using white appliances provides for a clean look. Colors can”date” your kitchen. Choose carefully. Look for appliances with the energy star label.

6) Replace kitchen flooring. Vinyl is the least expensive. Other options include hardwood or tile.

7) Perform either a major or minor remodel to the bathroom(s). Check with a local bathroom contractor, hire a handyman for simple repairs and upgrades, or even do it yourself.

Homes with more than one bathroom are more desirable.

8.) Repaint, all rooms, as needed. Painting contractors may offer a discount if more than one room is being painted. However, painting is a fairly easy project so it could be added to the do it yourself list.

Keep in mind, if a buyer is looking at a new home, it will have a coat of fresh paint. Painting is an inexpensive way to update a room, and give it a clean look. Consider painting rooms that need freshening up, or rooms that are not painted in neutral colors, especially if you are thinking of selling your home.

Be aware, that following the current trends in major home improvement projects, can be risky. Trends can “date” a home. Neutral colors will appeal to most buyers. If you like the trendy colors, keep it to your decorating items…i.e. bedroom comforters, bathroom towels, rugs and/or window treatments, etc. These are items you can easily, and inexpensively change, in the event you decide to sell your home.

Anytime you are doing a remodel or making improvements to your home, take time to do research, and find out what buyers are currently looking for in a home. Most home improvement stores offer brochures which show what’s popular.

Even though you may not be thinking of selling your home anytime soon, try to take on your projects by keeping “resale” in mind. We never know where life will take us, therefore, it is wise to spend those remodeling, home improvement dollars on timeless projects.

When contemplating a home improvement or remodeling project, prior to selling your home, consider the current real estate market. Will your remodeling project reap extra dollars for you, or will it only help you to sell your home faster. In a slow real estate market, the competition is great. Be an informed seller. Talk to a real estate agent. You may even consider getting a home inspection, and avoid “surprises”. Do research online.

Want to know how to “stage” your home for potential buyers? Read my previous article, titled: How To Stage A Home For Sale

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12 Responses to Best Home Improvements To Make

  1. There are many ways inwhich to add value to your house and some don’t cost an arm and a leg. One way is to just change out your old light fixtures and that will give each room a new and improved look.

  2. Jack says:

    I agree with the roof statement. It’s a pretty major job that could have great results for your house’s value.

  3. Remodeling is really one hell of work, you will definitely need a reliable contractor for every project…

  4. A reliable contractor is really badly needed in every construction projects you for your homes. Better hand over everything to professionals.

  5. the roof is the key to improve your home…go with that first

  6. good post! i had problems with my floor design in the past, and to solve it i sought professional help at once. everything turned out fine. thanks to my contractor.

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  8. Hi interior decorator: The roof is VERY important. Plus expensive to replace.

  9. Hi custom house contractor: Isn’t that the truth. The professionals usually know best. Of course we need to do our homework and ask for referrals, as well.

  10. Hi Wayne – Great idea. Light fixtures are fairly inexpensive, too.

    Hi Jack – Yes, the roof is very important

    Hi Home – Thumbs up to good contractors.

    Hi Custom – Another vote for hiring the professionals

    Hi Marble – It does pay to hire a professional, doesn’t it?

  11. Abbey Taylor says:

    This is a very useful information for my husband who is going to re-paint our home this weekend as part of his do-it-yourself home improvement project. In doing so, he bought gallons of insulating and heat reflective paints from because he is convinced that using such paints to re-paint our home’s roof, interiors and exteriors will help us save energy and reduce our heating and cooling cost. As a housewife who deals with budgeting my husband’s monthly income, I think any kind of saving is worth the trouble.

  12. I can attest to the improvement that painting the inside walls of your house can bring about. The living & dining area in our home have yellow walls. The bathroom is now green while the bedroom is purple. All my spouse’s color choices but it’s grown on me and I can’t imagine ever going back to drab beige walls

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