Cheap Gift Idea

Often, we need an inexpensive gift idea. Whether we want to make one, or have our children make one, knitting a scarf is one great cheap gift idea.

To knit is easy. If you don’t know how, ask your mother, grandmother, or a friend. More than likely, one of them, knows how to knit.

If no one in your circle, knows how to knit, you can go online, and find a site that shows you the basic knitting stitches. You could also pick up a book at your local bookstore, or go online to, and pick up a book such as: How to Knit: The Definitive Knitting Course Complete with Step-by-Step Techniques, Stitch Library, and Projects for Your Home and Family, or choose from a array of others, they have to offer.

The supplies for knitting a scarf are basic… knitting needles and yarn.

With knitting needles, the larger the number, the larger the needle. The smaller the needle, the tighter the stitch. Knitting with larger knitting needles, results in a looser knit scarf, which is also faster to complete.

Yarns for knitting come in an array of colors. Be creative. Mix two or more yarns to create a unique design. Or, take a solid color yard, and mix it with a fuzzy yarn. The result will be much different, than if you used a single strand of yarn by itself.

When using more than one yarn, pick colors that either compliment each other, or contrast each other.

Yarn and knitting needles are available in most craft stores, as well as in variety stores like WalMart.

Anyone who receives a scarf, that they know you knitted by hand, will be touched and grateful for the time, thought and effort you put into the gift. They will have an original, hand knitted by you.

Knitting is a hobby that can be done anytime you are sitting. Whether you are on an airplane, watching TV, or just relaxing, it’s easy to pick up your knitting project, and continue on. Knitting also keeps your hands busy, so you are less likely to be munching on food.

Who knew, knitting was good for the diet? :)

UPDATE: For more ideas, see: 22 Cheap Holiday Gift Ideas

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