Childhhood Obesity or Just Fat Kids?

I heard on the news that we have an epidemic of childhood obesity. Why don’t they just reword that and say we have an epidemic of fat kids. There are millions of fat adults in the world and and you don’t hear about an epidemic of adult obesity.

It doesn’t take much to figure out why we have fat kids. They eat the wrong foods and don’t exercise. It’s the same for adults. I know first hand. When I don’t eat right and don’t get exercise, I gain weight. I’ve struggled with my weight all of my life. I wasn’t what you would call a fat child, but I wasn’t skinny either. We were taught to eat the food that was put on our plates, however, we didn’t have access to fast food restaurants either. We also did a lot of walking and running and playing outside. We weren’t allowed to watch much tv, and even if we could have, we wouldn’t of had time as we were doing our homework, chores, raking the yard, or doing other things that were burning calories.

Granted, this is a new day and age, but the fact that children learn what they live, hasn’t changed. Kids are fat because we have taught them how and what to eat. We have taught them how not to get exercise. We have taught them that it’s okay to sit and play video games and stuff their mouths with potato chips, cookies, or whatever. As adults, we are to blame.

To me, when I hear the we have an epidemic of childhood obesity, it sounds like it’s being “sugar coated”. Let’s just say. we have too many fat kids.

I think that as adults, if we can change our behavior, by eating healthier, getting the junk food out of our homes, and exercising more, we will teach our children a great lesson that they will take into their adult lives. Those fat children are not happy with their weight. It’s up to us to show them how to lose it.

Let’s all start setting a good example for the children in our lives.

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