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Autism is nearing epidemic proportions, according to the guests who were on Larry King today (9/26/07). Larry King interviewed Jenny McCartney, Holly Robinson Peet, and Dr. Jerry Kartzinel.

Jenny McCarthy, Holly Robinson Peet and Dr. Jerry Kartzinel, all have children with autism.

Recently Jenny McCartney wrote a book about her experience in dealing with a child with autism, how he was treated, and how she found hope. The name of the book is: Louder Than Words: A Mother’s Journey in Healing Autism. Her child is now in a main stream school, and is doing well.

Jenny McCartney and Holly Robinson Peet, also did an interview on Oprah, and spoke on the same subject.

For those of you who may not have seen either Larry King, or Oprah, here are some valuable links for information on autism.

Jenny McCarthy’s website is TACA – Talk About Curing Autism

The website site set up by the Peet family, is

And, the Larry King show has a commentary by Jenny McCarthy. Here’s a link to it: Jenny McCartney commentary on Larry King

Another great autism website is: Autism Research Institute, or DAN – Defeat Autism Now

And, on Oprah’s website, links can be found for the the interview with Jenny McCartney and Holly Robinson Peet

I really like how these parents define their child’s disease. They do not say their child is autistic. They say, “My child has autism”, helping to take a “label” off of the child.

If you are looking for help, for a child with autism, the above links should get you on the right path.

Jenny McCartney is a very passionate advocate for autism. Her hope is to speak before Congress, with regard to fighting autism.

UPDATE: Another informative website for children with autism, is Autism, which contains autism videos.

On December 19, 2007, Dr. Phil did a show on autism. Listed below are some of the links that his website suggests visiting.

The Minnesota Autism Center, also offers great resources. You may also want to check out The Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation

The American Academy of Pediatrics is a website that’s “dedicated to health of all children”, and one worth bookmarking.

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8 Responses to Children With Autism – Help For Parents

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  2. j2r says:

    Hi… Thanks for leaving a comment.

    We’ve been going through a lot lately. But things are getting better.

    I might write a bit more about my son’s diagnostic on my blog :)

  3. Kellie Marraffa says:

    I am a special education teacher in New Hampshire and I am currently doing a research project on Autism and how it affects the family and what we as educators can learn from them to better educate them in the classroom. I am hoping to survey parents as well as interview them. I am hoping to learn some strategies that work at home that I could take into the classroom. Is there anything you would like to be able to tell teachers that may help your child be more successful in the classroom?

  4. Barbara says:

    Hi Kellie,

    Thanks for dropping by. I’m not certain how many parents read this comment section, but it could be to your advantage to provide some type of contact information for yourself. Please feel free to leave an email link or website link where parents could contact you.

    At the point where you are done with your research, if you contact me, I will remove the link.


    Barbara’s last blog post..Multiple Telephone Numbers – Easy Organization Tip

  5. WANDA TURNER says:

    many familes need abreak. there is aneed for a faclity wher parents can drop ther kids off for a date or just some time to think .as aparent of achild with autism i know! HOW DO I GET FUNDING FOR SUCH AFACILITY FOR KIDS WITH AUTISM AGES1-18? WITH A2HR. LIMIT SO THAT PARENT CAN GET THAT TIME ESPECIALLY NOW?

  6. WANDA TURNER says:


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  8. David Yager says:

    could somone tell me how to get help for my daughter schoolshe is autistic an they need tools of any kind,learnig equiptment any thing would help them

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