China Toy Recall – Will It Create A Shortage

The Mattel toy recall, combined with Fisher Price toy recall, also known as the China toy recall, has taken millions of toys off of store shelves.

The question remains, will the massive toy recall. create a shortage of toys for the holiday season?

The toys listed in the Mattel toy recall, the Fisher Price toy recall, and any other toys involved in the China toy recall list, can be found on the website of the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission)

Considering that Mattel and Fisher Price recalled many of the favorite toys for children, when the buying season arrives, it will be imperative that all department stores have their shelves stocked, and ready for the buying season. Any sign of a shortage, could create panic buying, as well as inflated prices on the internet.

Unfortunately, when toys are purchased, we have no way of knowing if they will be subject to another recall.

As parents, it’s our responsibility to stay abreast on the CPSC’s recall list.

Again, you can go to the CPSC. website, and obtain the full list of Mattel’s recalled toys, Fisher Price recalled toys, and all toys involved in the China toy recall list.

If you are concerned that the China toy recall may create a shortage for the holiday season, buying your toys early may be the answer.

Based on the fact that a lot of the toys contain lead paint, it’s very important for parents to know which toys are on the toy recall list, and to also remove those recalled toys from the home.

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2 Responses to China Toy Recall – Will It Create A Shortage

  1. asako says:

    Hello, Barbara,

    I agree this is a serious issue all parents should be worried about. And it may be a chance for all parents to re-think about toys and gifts for kids. I am sure when you were a kid, you did not get that many toys. When I was a kid, I had only a few toys, so I came up with my own creative ways to use things in the garden, paper, box, etc.

    Maybe, my comment is too old fashioned…. or maybe, my excuse not to buy gifts to my nieces and nephews… (it is just so difficult to find something good, because they have everything you can think of!!!)

    Regarding China, it is so sad the way Chinese industry is behaving. Although for them, it is all about economic growth and global competition, I hope they learned that they should still meet the standard of product safety and quality in the global market.

  2. Barbara says:

    Hello Asako,

    Yes, as a child, I did not have very many toys. We spent a lot of time outdoors and were encouraged to use our creativity.

    Instead of toys, I have now started giving gift cards. With those, I hope to teach our nieces, nephews and grandchildren, how to “spend wisely”. It seems to make a difference to them, when it’s “their” money.

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