Decorate Like A Pro

Coming up with new decorating ideas can be mind boggling. The biggest question becomes, “Where do you begin?” You know what you don’t want, but aren’t sure where to start on a new decorating project. Do paint the walls first? Do you get new furniture? Do you first buy that comforter?

What I found to be the easiest way to make a decorating project “flow”, is to start with an “inspiration” piece. Your inspiration can be anything. It may be a picture on the top of a note card, a piece of fabric, a picture from a magazine, a towel that has a design on it, or a favorite pillow. Take time to study the colors, the shades of each color, and the background color(s) in that piece. Use those colors for your project.

One project that I worked on with a friend of mine, our inspiration came from a small printed box. We carried that box around with us to a number of stores to find accessories that matched. She used it when she bought a new sofa, and we also used it when we painted the walls. When it was all done, the colors all flowed, and her room looked like it had been done by an interior designer.

I’ve been working on a bathroom project. I have towels that have a multi colored scroll pattern embroidered on them. The towels are an odd green color, so I carry one of the washcloths with me when I’m trying to find matching accessories. At times, I wasn’t carrying my inspiration piece, and have bought a few pieces “thinking” they were the right color, but when I got them home, they were way off. Back to the store I went with my returns. That was “money in the bank”. See my earlier article I will also use one of the colors in the embroidered scroll pattern when I paint the walls.

What I find, is that if you use an inspiration piece that has several colors, you know that that was created by a professional that put lots of time into matching each of the colors in order to produce a piece that’s pleasing to the eye. If you take that a step further and “pull” colors out of the inspiration piece, you’re not likely to go wrong.

So…….find something you love, use it for inspiration, and start your next decorating project. And, don’t forget to have fun. 8)

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