Difficulty Reading Web Pages

Are you having difficulty reading pages online, because the print is too small? Are you getting eye strain from viewing web pages? Are you having to get closer and closer to your monitor, in order to read what’s written?

Here’s an easy answer for you.

On your keyboard, you’ll see a key on the bottom of the keyboard that reads “Ctrl” (that’s short for “Control”, and you’ll find one on each side of your keyboard). If you press the “Ctrl” key and the “+/=” key (plus sign, equals key, which you’ll find on the same row as the numbers), at the same time, you can increase the size of the text and graphics of the web page you’re trying to read. Every time you hit “Ctrl +”, the page, will increase in size.

Keep in mind, this may distort the format of the page, however, you’ll be able to read the text a lot easier.

To return your screen to the original size text, hit the “Ctr;” key and the ” -/_” (minus sign, dash key), at the same time, until your page is back to it’s original size.

Just like that, you’ve made for easier web browsing.

If you’re using the Internet Explorer browser, in the bottom right hand corner, you may see “100%”. If you click on that, it will produce a “drop down menu” (but it will actually go up), of different percentages. These percentages are your choices for how small or large you want the text to be. Just click on the appropriate percentage, and the text on the screen will change in size. To revert back to “100%”, just repeat the above process and click on 100%. You can also use the “Ctrl +”, if you’re using the Internet Explorer browser.

See how easy that is? No more back aches and strained eyes when surfing the web. This is also a great technique to use, if someone you know has impaired vision, who wants to surf online.

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