Disaster Strikes, What To Grab

As written in my previous post, “How To Prepare for Disaster”, when disaster strikes, we are often so confused and nervous, we sometimes forget to grab what is really important to us.

But, if you ask most people, the first thing they say they grabbed, when a disaster struck, were precious family photos.

However, in this day and age of digital cameras, most people, put their photos into their computer, and leave them there. Therefore, precious family photos, are often on a hard drive.

Who would think of grabbing their hard drive?

Another option is to download photos to a CD. Provided you keep a copy of the CD in a location away from your home, your precious photos may be safe.

But, if you are not saving your photos to a CD, how can you ensure your pictures are safe?

Plus, if you have been using a free photo editing software program, such as Picasa, you certainly would not want all of your editing to go to waste.

A great choice, to protect your precious family pictures, is to use a service like Kodak’s Easy Share Gallery, and store your photos online on Kodak’s own server.

This way, if you were to lose your hard drive, or photo CDs in a disaster, you can easily retrieve them from Kodak Gallery

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