Do You Need Replacement Appliance Parts

If you are looking for replacement appliance parts, I have a great place to recommend.

Just recently, I needed to replace a tray on the door of my refrigerator.

I automatically turned to

I had used Repair years ago when I needed to replace two drawers in my refrigerator. I remember being impressed with their service, so I turned to them again for my door tray.

I first did a search on their website for the part I needed, however, I got confused when I found two parts that looked very similar.

Since I didn’t want to risk ordering the incorrect part, I called their 800 number, and spoke with a gal by the name of Sharon.

She patiently took down my information, and in less than a minute, knew which part I needed.

I chose to have the door tray shipped via FedEx, and Sharon assured me that I would have it by the following Tuesday.

Sure enough, on Tuesday, FedEx delivered my door tray.

It was packaged in a large box, which was filled with air filled “pillows”. Inside of that box, was a second box. That box contained my door tray.

I took it out of the box, washed it with warm soapy water, dried it, and placed it onto the slots on the door of the refrigerator. A perfect fit.

Again, the Repair Clinic, delivered what they said they would.

I give them two thumbs up. :)

An added bonus to visiting their site…they also have a “repair help” section, for all of you, do-it-yourself, types of people.

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