Easy Office Filing System

I love the easy office filing system I use. Although fling is my least favorite job, I have created a method that almost makes it fun…if that’s possible.

Yesterday, I told myself, it was time to file again. I just couldn’t put off filing any longer. I cleared off the kitchen table, got out my handy dandy C-line sorter (for more information, see Product Review-C-Line Sorter) I had my stack of papers, and to my left I placed my shredder (see Gotta Have It-Cross Cut Shredder (to protect yourself from identity theft)). To my right I had my recycle basket (see My article about recycling paper), and my garbage can.

I turned on some lively music and began the tedious process of filing. Before I knew it, I had that mountain of papers filed alphabetically in the c-line sorter, ready to be put in the file cabinet. With the shredder available, I was able to reduce my amount of filing by about 25%, and the recycle basket ended up with a nice stack of paper I can reuse. Once I have printed on both sides, I will put those papers in the curb-side recycling bin.

I took the c-line sorter to my desk and proceeded to insert the paperwork into my colorful files (see Orgainzing Your Office With Color). What a sense of accomplishment.

Now, I’ll have anything I need, right at my fingertips. I like that!

An added bonus to my filing, I found a receipt I was looking for that I needed for a return. Remember, that’s “money in the bank”. For my view on that, see Save Those Receipts…... Sweet!

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  1. Your method is interesting. I will pass it on to my staff.

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