Fishing or Phishing, It Is A Scam

It is pronounced “fishing”, but it is spelled phishing. Fishing, or phishing, is a scam.

You may get an email from who you believe is your bank, or PayPal, or another financial institution. The email states that your information or account needs to be updated. If you click on the email, it will take you to a site that looks like that of your financial institution. You will be asked to log in, by using your private log in information. Don’t go fishing (or phishing). If you do, it could be the beginning, of financial ruin for you.

I have found a great website that explains phishing in great detail. It also includes “snapshots” of how the a phishing screen may look.

Ian Denny, of Multi Solutions, an IT company, explains, in detail, how this scam works.

His company “took the bait” and went “phishing”, by following those links. Where it took them, is quite interesting.

Please be aware, if you do online banking. most likely, your bank will never send you an email. If you are uncertain, call the bank. If the email contains a telephone number, do not use it. Get the telephone number for customer service out of your telephone book.

For additional tips on how to protect your identity, read……..Protecting Your Identity, Identity Theft and Check Writing, and my Product Review for a cross cut shredder

It’s one thing to go fishing, but don’t go phishing.

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