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Finding Federal government grants for a business endeavor can be difficult. There is Federal grant money available to businesses, however, finding the right website, can take a considerable amount of time. I’m going to provide you with the free link, to the website, which lists all grants available through the Federal government. It all starts with a short story.

Years ago, we expanded our business, and began wood recycling. Friends mentioned that we may be illegible for Federal grant money, since wood recycling was a “green” type business. Thus, I began my research, to find Federal grant money, to subsidize the wood recycling part of our business.

I spent hours researching online. Many of the sites would offer Federal grant sources, for a fee. Granted (no pun intended ), these individuals had spent many hours compiling this information, but I knew, there had to be a Federal site that would offer available grant information, for free. And……….there is. (Keep in mind, with the Federal, State and city governments, this data is free public information…you just have to know where to look)

The name of the site is Here’s a free link to it:

On the “” site, the information is ever changing. Sure, you can bookmark the site and check it often, but, by registering, you can get emails (on almost a daily basis), of all Federal grant opportunities. To register, you first need a DUNS number (from Dun and Bradstreet), and you must also be registered with the CCR (Central Contractor Registry). By clicking on the following link, you will be taken to: Registered.

Once you are on this page, you can follow the links to Dun and Bradstreet, the CCR (Central Contractor Registry), and acquire information of how to gain access to email alerts. This process will take a little time to complete, but if you’re interested in finding potential Federal grant money for your business, your efforts could “pay off”.

When the emails listing the available grants begin arriving in your inbox,, provides a link to each grant opportunity.

If you find a grant that is suitable for your business, and are not comfortable with the application process, you might consider hiring a “grant writer” to complete the application.

After researching hundreds of Federal grant opportunities, what I observed was that most Federal grant money is only available to individual states and cities. There are grants available to individual businesses, however, you must meet the criteria. My research for Federal grant money, also lead me to a State program, that offered a tax incentive program for wood recycling businesses.

If you are anxious to see what grants are currently available, there is a link on the homepage on which you can click. This will take you to a list of the current grants. Keep in mind, grants are only available for a predetermined period of time. When applying for a Federal grant, time is of the essence.

Our wood recycling business “took off” pretty fast, so I gave up on my search for Federal grant money.

Even though we have since closed our wood recycling and composting operations, I continue to get updates from One never knows when another opportunity will “knock”.

To read a tutorial on using a tub grinder for wood recycling, click here.

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7 Responses to Free Information For Government Grants

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  2. asako says:

    This is a great advice for all small business owners. I am working on a new application in the med-tech / healthcare industry, while we look for different avenues of capitals, we are also looking into the potential government grants money, from NIH, Medicare, State Medicaid, etc. Sometimes, they offer a great starting fund on your start-up.

    Wood recycling business is a great opportunity for the future. I have many friends who are shifting their focus on clean energy, eco business, new energy sources, etc.

    Finally, your site looks beautiful!

  3. Barbara says:

    Thank you for the compliment, Asako.

    Government grants is one area, a lot of business owners don’t look toward when they are thinking of starting a business, however, there is money out there….it just takes a little bit of research and determination. Granted, starting most businesses doesn’t mean “a free ride”, but in some cases you can get financial support from the Federal government, as well as your state. If Federal or state grant money is not available, you can often find lower interest loans.

    Yes, wood recycling is a great way to participate in “green” environmental business. It’s a “no waste” type of business, as the byproducts of wood recycling can be turned into firewood, compost, and/or a premium topsoil product, blended with compost.

    Wood recycling is a subject I will be writing about, more extensively, and I will share what we learned.

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  5. greg russel says:

    Great information and usefull too. I need a grant and I need all the help I can get. I will be back soon as I have bookmarked your blog.

  6. Anthony Welsh says:

    I am a poultry farmer, finding sawdust for your houses is becoming a nightmare. The price for a tractor trailer load is up to a 1000.00 dollars a load. This is getting quite expensive. I was thinking of purchasing a tub grider and putting up several buildings to keep the product dry. How fine can you get the wood in a tub grinder? Also there is no wood recycling business in our area. I am wondering if you think it would work for poultry houses?

    • Hi Anthony Welsh:

      That’s a good question. I believe if you used very small screens on a tub grinder you would be able to get a fine product for your houses. Check with a local equipment dealer who knows something about tub grinders (or horizontal grinders) and see how small of a screen you can get. You may also be able to find a used tub grinder which would save some upfront costs, as well. If this is something there is a need for in your area, you could also become a producer of the fine sawdust material and recoup some of your costs.

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