Get Motivated to Organize with TV Shows

Motivation to get organized can come from many sources. My favorite source of motivation is the television show, ” Clean Sweep” which airs on TLC (The Learning Channel). I love watching them go through two rooms of a home, purge, then have a garage sale. In the meantime the crew of “Clean Sweep” is busy painting, redecorating and reorganizing the rooms. I gain so much knowledge from this show, and get great tips, as well.

I recently found another show that helps with organizing and time management. It’s named “Home Made Simple” and also airs on TLC. They have quick and easy recipes, and lots of ideas to make life less stressful.

HGTV (Home & Garden TV) has a show named “Mission Organization”. They use a professional organizer to help the homeowners.

All of these shows are filled with great tips and ideas to make life a little easier. I usually watch “Clean Sweep” and “Home Made Simple” on Saturday mornings, while I’m doing housework. They get me motivated to want to do more.

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  1. angel says:

    I watched some of these shows myself this last weekend and it does get you motivated and wanting to get more organized.

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