Get Organized In Your Office With A Monitor Riser

Having my office organized makes it much easier for me to get my work done. I’m always looking for ways to have the things I use most often within reach, but don’t like having my desk cluttered.

Recently I got a monitor riser. It is like a “box” that you place under your monitor, and it has an open front. The front of it has a tray(s) (for paperwork) and some models have a drawer where you can keep small items. I use the drawer to store items I use all of the time, or don’t want to misplace. And, I use the tray to store forms I use frequently. That way, when the telephone rings, I have everything within my reach.

The monitor riser keeps my desk neat and organized, and puts my monitor at eye level. It’s a win-win situation.

Check out the Office Depot Supervalues. I found several monitor risers on their website that would work great.

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