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Statistics show children are getting fat at an alarming rate. Helping a child lose excess weight is essential to their health and well being.

Studies show if one or more of the parents of an obese child are overweight, their children may be fat as well.

It comes down to the food and activity choices you and your fat children are making.

Helpful hints:

Only keep healthy foods and snacks in your pantry and refrigerator.

  1. Cut up fruits and vegetables, store in clear containers
  2. Stock snacks such as low fat popcorn. Some brands are 94% fat free.
  3. Buy whole wheat pastas and breads
  4. Encourage your children to drink water – stop buying soda and/or juices that are filled with sugar
  5. Learn new cooking techniques which reduce calories
  6. Talk to your family doctor about a diet for your fat child

Encourage your fat children to exercise

  1. Plan walks in the park or on walking trails
  2. Organize family bike rides
  3. Play games such as basketball or soccer with your children
  4. Purchase Wii Fit exercise games. Purchase one or more and play them with your child
  5. Child learn from their parents. Set a good example for them by exercising and eating healthy

Stop rewarding fat children with food

  1. Reward children with a movie rental – plan low fat snacks
  2. Reward them with a toy or an article of clothing
  3. Most importantly, reward a children with attention, affection and.or words of encouragement
  4. Watch shows such as The Biggest Loser with your children and talk to them about how they feel about being fat

Having a fat child is not only hard on the parents, but is even harder on the fat child. Find whatever help you can by asking your family doctor or friends who have encountered the same problem with fat children.

With fat children showing signs of major health issues, it’s imperative they get help as early as possible.

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6 Responses to Help For Parents With Fat Children

  1. Having a heavy body is really a problem and very heated for parents. Parents have to discourage their children to take food having too much cholesterol. They have to show movie which is is made on bad effect of fat health. Many motivating thinks may help them to reduce fat health.

  2. Thank you for the additional great ideas

  3. Children should be taught the dangers of obesity and how it can increase the risk of various diseases. You can’t force them to lose weight. They have to realize it themselves. They should follow a nutritional fat free diet and consistent exercising.

  4. Hi, I know fat helps children grow; & I know lard, chicken, & pork fat is not good but,…
    How much fat & what kinds of fat, (excluding fish), do children need daily? what do you think?

  5. Autism says:

    Very nice article,
    thank you for the information
    keep up great writing..

  6. Obese children are more at risk in terms of health. We need to maintain their food better. Restrict their food might not make them happy, but it was good for their health later.

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