How To Make Wrapping Christmas Presents Less Stressful

If you hate to wrap Christmas presents, and the thought of wrapping all of those gifts is overwhelming, here are several ways to reduce that stress.

1) If you order online, check to see if gift wrapping is available

2) At your favorite store, check with customer service.

Most large department stores have a gift wrapping service. Some may be free, whereas others will charge a small fee for wrapping.

Most major department stores also provide free gift boxes.

3) Check your local mall, and see if someone has a gift wrapping booth. The amount spent on having your gifts wrapped will allow you time to concentrate on more important things.

4) If you have a friend or family member who like to wrap, either pay them to wrap your gifts, or trade a “service” with them. e.g. babysitting, running errands, cooking a meal, baking, etc.

5) If all else fails, purchase gift bags. Wrap the gift in tissue, and place it in a pretty bag.

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