How To Prepare for Disaster

Natural and man made disasters can strike at any time. Are you prepared for a catastrophic event?

In preparation for a home disaster, here’s a tip.

This will be a time consuming process, however, if disaster strikes, you will have more time to concentrate on getting your family to safety, quickly.

Make copies of the following, and if applicable, list all contact information for each:

1) Photos. Copy old photos, and make copies of those that are on your hard drive

2) Insurance policies-home, health, business, and/or life

3) Mortgage and/or deed

4) Will, power of attorney, living orders, and/or trusts

5) Investment portfolio(s) and/or retirement plans

6) Accounting data for home or business use, that may be on your hard drive only

7) Tax Returns

8.) Bank account information

9) Debt obligations, including account numbers and due dates

10) Passports

11) Social Security card(s)

12) Keep in mind, some insurance companies want to see photos of the actual inventory of your home. Make time to take photos, or video tape a complete inventory of your possessions.

13) Birth Certificate(s)

14) Marriage Certificate(s)

15) Titles for vehicle(s)

16) Military record(s)

17) Names and phone numbers for all relatives and friends

18) Attorney(s)

19) Accountant(s)

20) Business interests, and contracts

21) Real estate interests, in addition to your primary residence

22) Medical information, including doctor’s names, and a list of your prescriptions and pharmacy(s)

23) Drivers Licencse(s)

24) Additional documents you deem important

Keep a copies of all of these documents and photos at a safe, separate location, away from your home. Most banks offer a safety deposit box, oftentimes for a modest fee. You may also consider investing in a fire proof box, or small safe. Remember to protect your identity in this process.

In the event your home experiences a disaster, such as a fire, flood, or hurricane, your important documents will be preserved.

For more information on emergency preparedness, in the event of a natural or man made disaster, check out FEMA’s (Federal Emergency Management Agency) website. It is filled with tons of valuable information.

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