How To Save Money – Buy A Magazine

The “all you” magazine is a great money saving investment. I just picked up the latest issue, and inside are over $46.00 worth of coupons. The magazine retails for $1.97. Do the math. If you used every coupon, you would be over $44.03 ahead.

The coupons are for items we use everyday: deodorant, lotions, shampoo, cologne, snack bars, baby bottles and pacifiers, vitamins, cereal. eye drops, aluminum foil, miscellaneous food products, paper products, dishwasher detergent, hair coloring, razors, and a few others.

Some of the coupons may not be for items you prefer, however, by using a coupon, you could try a new product, and not spend much money. Share your unused coupons with family and friends. They’ll thank you for that.

If you used the coupons in conjunction with a “doubling” coupon, you could save even more. :D

The “all you” magazine is filled with a variety of great short articles that address life issues including diet , health, hair, recipes, children, work, decorating, and much more. Each issue also includes a Sudoku puzzle. Fun!

I found the “all you” magazine at Walmart. Since they discount their books and magazines, I save another 10%. Sweet!

Check out a previous article of mine, 16 Great Ways to Save Money for more money saving ideas. (p.s. #2 only applies if you’re not going to buy the “all you” magazine.)

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