How To Save On Energy Costs – 30 Ways

Energy costs are on the rise.

How to save money on energy costs, is partly common sense, but can also be time consuming, and may involve a monetary investment.

Using some of the following ideas will help to reduce your energy costs, and put more money in your pocket.

1) Install or increase insulation in any part of your home that needs it.

2) Replace air filters in your furnace. Dirty filters will reduce the efficiency of a furnace.

3) Have your furnace professionally cleaned and serviced on an annual basis.

4) Seal air leaks in doors and/or windows. Replace caulk and/or weather stripping, as needed.

5) Buy energy star appliances

6) Use compact florescent light bulbs

7) Turn lights off when you leave a room

8.) Turn your computer off when it’s not in use. Unplugging it will save even more.

9) Unplug small appliances when not in use

10) Dress warmer in the colder months, to avoid turning up the thermostat

11) Lower your thermostat to 65 degrees Fahrenheit at night. With a programmable thermostat, you can have the furnace come on shortly before you get out of bed.

12) Install an energy star programmable thermostat

13) Have blankets and/or throws handy to use when sitting, watching TV, and/or reading.

14) Use Styrofoam vent “plugs”, to keep cold air from entering the crawl space of your home. When spring arrives, remove the vent plugs to allow air movement under your home. Save the vent plugs, as they are reusable for the future. (The can be purchased at most home improvement stores)

15) Use LED lights where ever possible, e.g. Christmas/holiday lights, under the counter lights, etc.

16) Close heat vents in rooms that are not being used. Then, close the door to avoid heating an unused room

17) Use ceiling fans to push warm air down….heat rises.

18) Close window blinds when the sun sets. Open them in the morning to let the sun shine in, which will produce more light and natural heat.

19) Install storm windows, or use a protective barrier on older windows

20) Wash clothes in cold water

21) When you are shopping for a new washer, consider a front loading HE (high efficiency) model. They use less water, less detergent, and energy.

22) When drying clothes, use the automatic sensor, that will shut the dryer off when the clothes are dry.

23) Turn down the temperature of your hot water heater

24) Insulate your hot water heater with a hot water heater “blanket” (they can be bought in home improvement stores)

25) Use heavy drapes in the winter months to avoid cold air from “seeping in” from windows

26) For the summer months, lower the thermostat on your air conditioner

27) Planting shade trees will also help to keep your home cooler.

28) Keep the filters in your air conditioner clean, and/or changed often.

29) Have your air conditioner professionally cleaned and serviced on an annual basis.

30) Close window blinds in the summer to keep your home cooler.

Using these tips could potentially lower your energy costs, and result in substantial savings. That, is also something, that is great for the environment.

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