How To Stage A Home For Sale

Staging a home, which will be for sale on the market, may help to sell a home quicker. How to stage a home, is actually quite easy, but can be time consuming. If you watch HGTV, you can find many television shows that talk about staging a home.

What is “staging a home”? To stage a home, is to “prepare” your house before you put it on the market. Just as it’s important to “dress for success”, when you stage your home, you are “dressing” your home for potential buyers to see.

Let’s get started:

1) Declutter your home. Take everything out that you’re not going to be using, until you move into your new home. It’s best not to stack this stuff in your garage. It may be well worth the investment, to rent a storage unit in which you can store the excess items.

2) Clean your house. Wash the windows. Shampoo the carpeting, if needed. Wipe spots off of walls and doors. Cleanliness is very important.

3) Repaint as needed. If you have a room that’s painted an “odd” color, use primer, and repaint the room a neutral color.

4) Make necessary repairs. If faucets drip, or toilets run, fix the problem. Walk through your home using a critical eye, and take notes of all repairs you can do, without spending over your budget. If you don’t know how to use a “critical eye” on your own home, ask a friend to do it for you.

5) Remove as many of the “personal” items as possible. Too many family photos, can add clutter, as can too many toys. Some buyers cannot see past a “mess”.

6) On days your home is being showed, make sure it smells good-no pet smells, foul cooking and/or tobacco odors, etc…>

7) Put your toothbrushes, prescription bottles, ashtrays, dishes (dirty or clean), and laundry, away. Do not stuff items in closets or cabinets, as buyers often open doors and drawers. Remember to also put any valuable items in a safe place.

8.) Keep you counter tops clean and free of clutter. The more you place on the counter tops, the smaller they look to buyers.

9) If you have wallpaper, border, or amateur looking faux painting, consider removing it, and painting the walls a neutral color. You need to appeal to buyers with many different tastes.

10) If you have too much furniture in a room, it will make the room look small. Consider removing some of the furniture.

11) This may be a great time to have a garage sale (see previous article: How To Have A Successful Garage Sale)

12) Think minimalist. Keep the decorating simple.

13) Outside the home, give your home curb appeal. Do people want to stop and see the inside? Trim bushes, pull weeds, plant some flowers, put down bark chips, mow the grass, sweep the driveway, wash the windows, pressure wash the house, repaint as needed, haul away any junk cars, clean up the yard.

Most buyers want a “turn key” home. One they can “turn the key in the lock, and move their things into”. Most buyers prefer not to paint, take down wallpaper, shampoo carpeting, etc…before they move in. They may make changes at a later date, but they need to get on with their lives, now. Not adhering to this, may turn buyers off.

Remember, you’re leaving this home. Soon you will be in a new home, and the home you’re staging will belong to someone else. If you just “love” that red room , or duck wallpaper border, take a picture of it. Create a lasting memory.

Remember, you’re moving on. This is the time to let go of any emotional attachment you may have to your home.

With a properly staged home, your home may sell faster than others in the same price range. It may be a time consuming process, however, in this very competitive housing market, not staging your home, could cost you lost time in moving, and more importantly…

To read more on home staging and how it may help to sell your home faster, read my latest article: The Secret To Selling Your Home Faster Than The Competition

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