How To Stop Gossip

Gossiping is such a waste of time. It’s been written that we gossip about others to make ourselves feel better.

I’ve also heard that what we see as a negative in another person, is a fault we also have. If you listen to yourself, or someone else gossiping about another person, listen to what’s said. Often, you’ll realized that the one gossiping has the same “traits”, as they’re complaining about in others.

Did you know, when you “point a finger” at another person, you have three fingers pointing back at you (and, maybe your thumb). You just tried that, didn’t you. 8) See how that works?

I’ve been guilty of gossiping, but afterwards, I don’t feel very good about myself. I now try and make the gossiper “see the other person’s side”, defend the “gossipee”, or I’ll change the subject.

When a person tries to get you to gossip about others, just say, That’s none of my business”, “Who knows? Who cares?”, or my favorite, “That’s not my rodeo”. If none of those work, just let the gossiper know that you don’t care to participate in gossiping about someone who’s not there to defend themselves.

The best advice in regard to talking about others, has stood the test of time: “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.”

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