Is It A Scam Email, Or Not

Most of the emails we get, are legitimate. But, others aren’t.

Some emails are considered to be “urban legends”.

Have you gotten emails asking you to forward “important (?) emails to everyone in your mail box?

Here’s a list of some I have received:

The “life is beautiful” computer virus
“Invitation” virus
Ban of Mr. Clean Magic Erasers
Free Applebee’s gift certificates
Free Blockbuster coupon
Registering your cell phone with the national “Do Not Call” directory
Missing children – names vary
Bill Gates/ Microsoft/ AOL Giveaway

Years ago, I thought this information might be true. So, I forwarded the emails to my friends.

However, what’s written in an email, may not be the truth.

Now, when I receive an email I’m not sure of, the first place I turn to, is shows which “urban legends” emails are true, and which emails are false. Each urban legend is thoroughly researched.

Thanks to Barbara and David P. Mikkelson, you don’t have to wonder anymore.

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