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This morning, the “Today Show” (MSNBC), did a segment on safety hazards around the home. Of the hazards mentioned, were pool drains, the cords of window blinds, and toys that contain magnets.

A very important website that was mentioned, is the CPSC or US Consumer Protection Safety Commission. Their site can be viewed at:CPSC US Consumer Protection Safety Commission

The CPSC, or Consumer Protection Safety Commission, keeps an updated list of all products that are recalled. They have added a new feature to their site, which includes RSS feeds, or to quote them:

We have established four new RSS feeds, which consist of recently issued recalls falling within the categories below marked by XML icons. Children’s products (not including toys) and toys are combined into a single RSS feed next to the “Toys” category. CPSC’s original RSS feed for all recalls is above.

While reviewing their site, I noticed a section in the left sidebar, that shows where you can join their “recall notification list”, and receive emails of recalled products. They also provide a link to “”.

The CPSC website is definitely one worth bookmarking.

Update:  Today (8/02/07), Fisher-Price recalled almost a million toys, due to lead poisoning hazard.  The list can be found on the CPSC website.

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