Last Minute Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas

If you are looking for last minute cheap, themed, Christmas gifts, here’s a list of 20 great ideas.

These last minute gifts, can be put together in a short period of time, without “breaking the bank”.

1) Reading theme: Get a magazine subscription, delivered to the recipient’s address. Buy, and wrap the current issue. Attach a card (inside the package), stating that the recipient will be receiving the magazine for the next year.

2) Car Detailing Theme: Buy a plastic bucket. Inside the bucket, place car washing soap, a chamois, wash mitt, window wash, tire brush, roll of paper towels, and a product like Armour-all.

3) Popcorn themed gift. Large bowl filled with a bags of microwavable popcorn, plus some popcorn seasoning. For an added bonus, a include a movie DVD.

4) Pedicure theme: Line a small basket, or plastic basin, with a washcloth or hand towel. Add spa socks, Johnson’s Foot Soap, and a bottle/tube of foot lotion, and maybe some nail polish.

5) Painting theme: Fill a paint tray with a roller + handle, brush, stir stick, blue painter’s tape, etc. Add a coupon for “a free day of help painting”. Place the items in a box and wrap with white butcher paper, using the blue painter’s tape as the “ribbon. Add a blue or white bow.

Wrapped in the real estate section of the newspaper, this would also make a great house warming gift.

6) Craft Theme: Place skeins of yarn and knitting needles (or crochet hooks), in a basket. Add a “how to” book. Place items in a box, wrap with brown kraft paper and use yarn as your “ribbon”. Insert two knitting needles or crochet hooks into the “bow”.

7) Scrap booking Theme: Buy a plastic scrap book “box”. Fill it with assorted papers, stickers and embellishments. Check your local dollar store for these items. Add a pair of fancy scissors and some glue.

8.) Cooking Theme: Buy a cookbook. Wrap it with a kitchen towel. Use string as your ribbon. Attach wooden or plastic spoons (or other utensils), to create your “bow”

9) Kids Theme: Buy a toy or board game. Wrap it in the comic section of the newspaper. Use a jump rope as a “ribbon”.

10) Kids Money Theme: Instead of giving them a $20 bill. Get twenty ones. Wrap them in a box, or put them in a wallet or purse. The kids will think they’re rich, with their big “wad”. Or use Origami, and fold the money into different shapes. Make the Origami book as part of the gift.

11) Tool Themed Gift. Pick up a plastic tool box. Add a few tools and a gift card for their favorite home improvement store.

12) Quilters Themed Gift: Buy a pack of “fat quarters” (most fabric/quilting stores will have these available). Add a pair of small sewing scissors, and spools of thread. Place in a small basket. Wrap the box with piece of fabric, as an added bonus.

13) Exercise theme: Get a pedometer. Add a subscription to a “health” magazine (See #1)

14) Baking/cooking theme: Does someone love a specific recipe of yours? Make a “batch”. Deliver it in a casserole dish, or on a pretty plate (for them to keep). Include a copy of the recipe.

15) Another baking theme: Buy tubes of sugar cookie dough and cookie cutters. Add a sheet pan, rolling pin, some sprinkles, wax paper, and maybe a plastic spatula. Place in a box. Use a cookie cutter, as part of your bow decoration. Make sure to tell the recipient to open the package right away. (the prepared cookie dough needs to be refrigerated) Making, cutting, and decorating sugar cookies is a great way to get children to help in the kitchen. (Just remind them to wash their hands often)

16) College Student Theme: Buy a laundry basket (or bag). Add a small container of detergent, fabric softener, and some plastic hangers. Other “essentials” can also be added to this gift.

17) Spa Theme: Buy some candles, candle holder(s), bath salts and/or bubble bath. Add to that a CD of relaxing music, and maybe even a plush towel.

18) Cheese Theme: Buy small packages of specialty cheeses. Add a cutting board and a small knife. Include boxes of gourmet crackers, as an added bonus. (Remember to keep the cheese refrigerated)

19) Wine Theme: Purchase a bottle wine and two (or more) pretty wine glasses. Wrap the wine in a cloth wine bag or round wine box. Ask the store where you purchase the glasses from if they have a box for the glasses. Use some plastic grapes as part of your “bow” on the box of glasses.

20) Music Theme: Buy a package of blank CD’s. Add a gift card/certificate to Shop at iTunes“. Wrap it in sheet music, or sheet music looking paper.

Don’t forget those less fortunate. Pick names off of your local “tree of joy”. Involve your children, and teach them the true meaning of the holiday season. As an added incentive, donate to, and/or volunteer at the local soup kitchens, and help to serve holiday meals.

For additional inexpensive gift ideas, see: 22 Cheap Holiday Gift Ideas

Do you have other great gift ideas…themed or not?

Feel free to add them to the comment section, so they can be shared with others. ;)

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