Learn The Rules Of Cribbage

In a previous article, I wrote “Teach children basic math with Cribbage

Teaching cribbage is quite easy to do, however, if you’re not familiar with cribbage, you can’t very well teach it.

Here’s a great website link, “Teaching kids the gentleman’s game of cribbage”. On the bottom of this page, you can follow the links to learn how to deal the cards, count your points, peg, etc., plus the rules of the game.

What intrigued me about this site, was the story of Paul Zuiker, an elementary school teacher/guidance counselor in Wisconsin, who teaches his third graders how to play cribbage. I think this is so cool. What a fun way for them to learn basic math.

Leaning cribbage is quite simple. Check out this site for the simple rules of cribbage. as well as (FAQ) frequently asked questions.

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3 Responses to Learn The Rules Of Cribbage

  1. Interesting information provided. You have given this post a lot of thought and care, which is so rare these days. Many people just throw stuff together, just to get something onto the internet, so it is good to see that some people still care. Thanks.


  2. Audrey says:

    I’m planning to teach my daughter how to play cribbage this summer. My mom taught me when I was about five or six. I don’t even remember learning to play, because I was so young. My daughter is nine & could use some more confidence in her own math skills. My husband & I play regularly & I even took first place one year at the State Fair cribbage contest, in which we play every year. I am looking forward to our daughter’s first tournament with us. Thanks for putting together all the information I will need to help teach her a fun game she will play throughout her entire lifetime.


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