Nate Burkus Shares Seven Decorating Tips With Oprah

Today, January 10, 2008, on Oprah, Nate Burkus was one of the guests. (I think it was a rerun)

Nate shared with Oprah and the audience, seven tips for decorating your space.

They are:

1) Use lamps instead of overhead lighting. Find ones that compliment your style

2) Utilize nontraditional items as wall art.

3) Nate says that every room needs a piece of sea art. Think seashells, coral, etc…

4) Add one unusual chair. It does not have to match the other furnishings

5) Frame notes or thank yous you receive from friends and family. In a pretty frame, they look great.

6) Decorate with your favorite books. Placing them on your coffee or end table, may be inspired to relax and read.

7) Personalize your space. Include items your love or have picked up while on vacation.

Make your space your own. Although many magazines show beautiful pictures of glamorous rooms, remember, those were done by an interior designer. Although those photos are great for inspiration, show your individuality in your home.

Enjoy decorating. Visit Oprah’s website for more tips and ideas from Nate Burkus.

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12 Responses to Nate Burkus Shares Seven Decorating Tips With Oprah

  1. Hi Barbara. These are good tips. But what kind of non-traditional items did he mean you should use as wall art? Did he give any examples?

  2. Barbara says:


    One of the things Nate showed, was an antique wooden sifter which was quite large. I have also seen pictures of small chairs hanging on the wall. They people would use the chairs as a type of shelf. Sounds rather odd, but when done right, it’s pretty neat.

    I have also seen many antique pieces hanging on walls when people decorate “country”. They create more of a 3-D affect, which adds interest to a room.

  3. CatherineL says:

    Barbara – chairs on the wall sound interesting. I have never seen that done before.

    My ceilings are very low – so that may not work for me, but antique pieces on the wall sound like an interesting way of displaying them.

    My house is v old – about 300 years with low ceilings and wooden beams. And the walls are not straight at all, which makes even hanging a picture a major challenge.

    The houses that I really love are those ones you see in some American films with huge open porches (is that the right word?) and rocking chairs.

  4. Barbara says:

    Hi Catherine,

    It sounds like your home must be full of charm and character-300 years old? That’s amazing.

    I love old houses, but there aren’t too many around here. I, too, love the homes with the wrap around porches and rocking chairs…in the country. I can picture myself sitting on the porch with a good book, and a glass of lemonade, watching the world go by…

    Have you ever tried hanging a tapestry in your house? If the walls are crooked, you wouldn’t have the same problem, as trying to hang a framed piece of art.

  5. Great post! Very informative and quite helpful too. I agree that one must use his or her own ideas in decorating one’s own home. Sure, the photos that most magazines feature look great but in my own opinion, adding your own personalized touch would make your home more appealing to you. After all you are the one living their not other people. Anyways, thanks for posting this. Enjoyed reading this.


  6. Hi Stephen,

    Yes, although Nate does give us a starting point, it is our home so we should fill it with objects we enjoy looking at.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  7. What’s up with number 3? every room needs sea art? I don’t care for nautical style and it won’t work in all rooms. Sea shells in a victorian room looks out of place. Just my thoughts.

    Jak – unique home decors last blog post..Hunter Douglas Window Treatments

  8. Hi Jak,

    I wondered about that one myself, as I don’t decorate with sea art either. But since it was on the list, I included it.

  9. I don’t usually watch Oprah, but those tips are really efficient and I can recommend them further. This is exactly what you need to do if your want your room to be truly unique. I especially liked the part about the chair, I never thought of something like that, but it might just work, if you are lucky. Nice tips!

  10. Gayle says:

    I have seen several programs where Nate has done make-overs for people. Is this a contest or how are these people chosen? I would be interested in entering a very deserving individual if it is possible.
    Any information will be appreciated.
    Thank you.

  11. Hi Gayle,

    I don’t know how the people are chosen for Nate’s makeovers. If it’s in conjunction with the Oprah show, I’m guessing her staff finds the deserving people. You could try contacting the Oprah show via her website.

  12. Badger says:

    I like the idea of using lamps instead of overlights, i prefer to light a room in that way. Personalizing your own space is all about adding in a little bit of yourself.
    .-= Badger´s last blog ..More problems for the Euro-zone… =-.

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