Online Dating Services – Be Safe

In my earlier article, Online Dating – Does It Work? I wrote about relationship issues. In this article, I want to alert anyone who is going to participate in online dating, to be safe.

While researching for this article, I found a great website These safety tips not only apply to online dating, but dating in general.

Online dating doesn’t have to be a scary experience, but it’s always smart to take precautions. Remember, you’re going to be meeting a stranger. If you have children, you teach them to beware of strangers. Use that same advice for yourself.

With online dating, I think it’s best to have spent an ample amount of time communicating with the other person. I wouldn’t only rely on emails or text messages. They may not be the one actually writing this information. When you talk to them on the telephone, make a note if they speak the same way as they’ve written. If they use different verbiage, chances are, they weren’t the author of the emails or text messages. It’s not uncommon to have someone who’s well versed in the language of “love, to write “scripts” for a friend.

When you’re talking on the telephone, take notes. Are their stories consistent? If someone is a perpetual liar, they can’t remember what lies they told, but with notes, you’ll know. If they tell you that they’re 29 years old, and worked for NASA for seven years, graduated from MIT with their doctorate, plus traveled Europe for three years after college…Do the math. It doesn’t add up. RED FLAG!

Another thing you may consider when meeting someone for the first time. Have a friend or another couple “conveniently” be at the same meeting spot. While being incognito, they can watch from a distance, and after the date they can give you an unbiased opinion based on what they “saw” transpiring between you and your blind date. If something were to go “a rye”, they would be your “safety net”.

If anyone you’re interested in has a problem with probing questions, that’s a RED FLAG! What are they trying to hide?

Also, remember, if the other person sounds too good to be true, they probably are. RED FLAG!!!!

With that being said, take the necessary precautions, but don’t give up on love. Online dating can work and lead to a happy marriage, but, like with any relationship, it needs time. Enjoy the journey.

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