Organizing Product Manuals & Instruction Booklets

Yesterday when I was working on my office filing, I ended up finding several manuals for things I had bought. Since I had used my Easy Office Filing System for my office paperwork, I decided to create a way to have access to my manuals and instruction booklets, as well.

What I did was use three ring binders and plastic sheet protectors. Into each sheet protector, I placed a manual, or instruction booklet. I then placed those into the three ring binder, and made a label for the spine of the three ring binder. I did the same thing for manuals and instruction booklets that apply to our business.

Now when I have the binders on the bookshelf, I know what’s in them, plus finding my manuals or instruction booklets, has just became a lot easier.

How simple is that?

Looking for three ring binders or sheet protectors? Check out Office Depot

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