Easy Tips To Stretch Your Food Dollars

Save money on food, stretch the dollar, eat healthy mealsWith the cost of food steadily increasing, in order to continue to feed our families healthy meals, we need to look at how we spend our food dollars and ways to save at the grocery store.

Here are a few ideas to get started with:

Save money on the amount of ground beef or turkey you’re buying by adding rice or shredded potatoes to hamburger or ground turkey recipes to “extend it” (or bulk it up).

If using potatoes, use raw shredded potatoes. If using rice, use cooked rice (not instant).

Start with a cup of potatoes or rice per pound. Mix it in with your ground meat and prepare your recipe as directed. Test to see how one cup of rice or potatoes works in your recipe. Make a note on your recipe for future use and adjust the quantity of rice or potatoes accordingly.

To make your meal even more healthier and filling, use brown rice or quoina.

Speaking of potatoes, instead of buying frozen hash browns or frozen french fries, make your own.

For hash browns use a shredder. For fries, a french fry cutter works excellent.

Baked potatoes are another inexpensive filling food. Try sweet potatoes, too. They’re delicious and are loaded with nutrients.

Soft drinks and juices can taste great, but they’ve been labeled as “empty calories”. If your family can’t live without them, limit the amount you buy and encourage your family to drink water instead.

If you live in an area where chemicals are added to the tap water, consider purchasing a water filter instead of bottled water. The choices for water filtration systems range from a simple filtering water pitcher to whole house filters. For more information on water filters, check out these options.

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Use a crock pot and save time and money. Less expensive cuts of meats work great for crock pot meals.

Cereals – Instead of buying dry cereals which are often filled with sugar and preservatives, try oatmeal or cream of wheat. By using the whole grains, you’ll not only save money but will be providing a more filling breakfast for yourself and your family. Although there are “instant” varieties of oatmeal, be sure to read the list of ingredients. Some are loaded with sugar.

Bake your own breads. If time is an issue, use a programmable bread maker. It just takes a few minutes to place the ingredients in the bread maker and within several hours you’ll have fresh baked bread.

What I like about making my own bread is I know exactly what I’ve put in it. No chemicals. No preservatives. And for those who are gluten intolerant, you can find dozens of recipes online which use other types of flours.

For a stress free, healthy and money saving meal, combine a crock pot recipe with a loaf of fresh baked bread. Yum!

So there you have it, several ways to not only stretch your food dollar, but ways to create homemade and tasty meals, as well.


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