Pet Hair Removal – Easy As 1 -2 -3

Do you have a dog and/or cat, and find they are shedding on your furniture, or in your car?

Are you embarrassed when someone gets up, off of your couch, and their backside is covered in your pet’s hair. Should you tell them?

Have you gotten out of your car, only to find that there is more pet hair on your coat, than you have on your head?

These are common problems for anyone who has pets.

We love our pets, but we certainly don’t like the shedding hair.

The easiest, least expensive (call it free), way, I have found to remove pet hair, is with a wet washcloth, or terry towel.

1) Wet a wash cloth or towel. An old towel works great for this.

2) Wring out the excess water.

3) Wipe the furniture, or your car seat with the damp towel.

The hair sticks to the towel, and can easily be collected, and thrown away.

In the process of removing the pet hair, you will also remove dust and dirt that may have accumulated on your furniture or car seat.

When you have removed all of the pet hair, collect the hair from the towel, shake the towel to remove the rest, and wash it for future use.

Prior to trying this pet hair removal method, test it on an inconspicuous spot, as all fabrics may not tolerate getting damp.

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  1. tenni54 says:

    Another great way that might be a little more simple is using Fur-Zoff. Its a “green” product so its a better choice then those sticky lint rollers and it lasts forever for $10. You can find it now at Hope this helps! Thanks for the article!

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