Photography – Making Memories

It is said, a picture is worth a thousand words. How true.

Photography is a great hobby, but it’s the pictures you take of loved ones, that create a lasting memory.

In my life, I’ve experienced the death of many loved ones. All I have left of them are the memories that remain in my heart, and pictures. The pictures are priceless. I can look at the pictures and they bring back wonderful memories, funny stories, or just give me the warm fuzzies.

When I visit friends and relatives, I always try to take pictures. I know many of them won’t turn out, so if I take a lot. I know by taking “extras”, I’m bound to get a handful of good ones. We have a saying, in our family, when we take pictures, “If one’s good, two’s better”. After all, doesn’t it seem like someone will have their eyes closed, or have a goofy look on their face, and you wish you had a chance to redo that photo?

Last year a favorite uncle of mine passed away. I knew between other family members and myself, we had a lot of photos of him. We gathered all of the photos, and made an album for his wife, our aunt. We were well aware that the album would be hard for her to look at so soon after his death, but we also knew, when the time was right, the photos would be priceless. Time has passed, and she has told me that she now looks at that album almost daily. It brings her comfort, reminds her of great times, and she has now added more pictures to her “memory album”.

If I hadn’t been taking pictures during these family gatherings, that album wouldn’t have been possible. And, since we all know, our time on this earth is limited, why not document it with photos?

Photography doesn’t need to be expensive. There are inexpensive film cameras, and now, even the digital ones are reasonably prices. I like the digital cameras, as I can download the pictures to my computer, delete the ones that didn’t turn out, crop and chop, and have the ones I want to frame or share, printed.

If you use a digital camera and store your photos on your computer, and are concerned about how much space they use, or the possibility of losing your photos due to a computer crash or fire, there are two companies I know of that offer online storage.

The first is Kodak,

Capture it. Upload it. Give it.

and the second one is Smugmug:

Both of these companies also offer sharing capabilities, creative editing tools, plus much more.

Remember: The next time you’re taking pictures, “If one’s good, two’s better.” …and :)

P.S. Don’t forget to use some of those photos and send a personalized e-card. Read my previous article: Free Personalized E-Cards – Smilebox, Inc.

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