Plastic Needlepoint Canvas & Your Dishwasher

If you put small items in your dishwasher silverware basket, and find they either fall,or poke through the openings, here’s a great tip to avoid that problem.

Go to your favorite craft store, or to, and buy a sheet of plastic needlepoint canvas. Cut it to fit the sections of your silverware basket. Place the needlepoint canvas pieces flat into the bottom of your silverware basket sections. Like magic, your skinny items won’t fall, or poke through the openings.

If you’re worried the canvas will block some of the water, only install the canvas in half of the basket sections. I’ve been using plastic needlepoint canvas in my dishwasher silverware basket for quite some time now, and all of my silverware come clean.

One sheet of the canvas costs around a $1.00, and is enough to do at least two dishwasher silverware baskets. Share this tip, and your leftover canvas with your family and friends. They’ll thank you for it.

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