Product Review – Cuddl Duds

Years ago, I was introduced to Cuddl Duds (pronounced: cuddle duds) by a family member.

Although I don’t get cold too easily, I have been turning to my Cuddl Duds when the temperatures dip to below freezing.

Cuddl Duds, could be classified as women’s ” long underwear’, or “long johns”. The company calls them “warm wear”.

I own several long sleeve tops and full length pants. For a outing, on a cold evening, I will often wear my Cuddl Duds under a pair of jeans and sweater.

They provide just the right amount of protection from the elements.

Cuddl Duds are also so pretty and versatile, they can be worn as pajamas, or as casual lounge wear.

To find a store, in your area, that sells Cuddl Duds, just click on this Cuddl Duds link, and enter your zip code.

I find them at our local JC Penney department store. Recently, I noticed that Macy’s is beginning to carry them also.

They are located in the lingerie department.

If you are a woman, looking for long underwear, Cuddl Duds is a perfect choice.

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2 Responses to Product Review – Cuddl Duds

  1. Barbara – these sound like a great idea. I hadn’t heard of them before but it’s a great name they’ve chosen. I think I might check these out.

    We do have to pay tax on purchases from the states but the exchange rate makes it favourable to do so.

    In fact, I’ve barely bought any clothes over the last year because I bought heaps last time I was in Florida. I got jeans, trainers (I think you call them sneakers), pants etc for a fraction of the price we would pay here.

  2. Barbara says:

    Hi Catherine,

    Yes, these are great. They are thin, so they don’t add bulk under your clothes. For chilly days or evenings, they keep you real toasty.

    Sounds like you had fun shopping in Florida. You probably went back to the UK looking very stylish. :)

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