Product Review – Dannon Light and Fit Yogurt

Dannon Light & Fit yogurt is my choice when it comes to yogurt. It is very flavorful, and makes for a great snack.

What I like about Dannon Light & Fit, is that it contains no added sugars. One six ounce container has 60 calories, and zero grams of fat. This calculates to be about 60% less calories than regular low fat yogurt.

Sugars in Dannon Light & Fit equals 7 grams. Other brands are showing as many as 14 grams of sugars.

With statistics showing the benefits of adding yogurt to our diets, Dannon Light & Fit is a product that also contains 20% of the recommended amount of calcium.

Dannon Light & Fit is currently packaged in a lavender and white container. Some of the flavors include blueberry, raspberry, strawberry banana, and vanilla.

If you are dieting and are looking for a low calorie, low fat, and lower sugar, yogurt, I think this is a great choice.

Dannon Light & Fit (6 oz containers) is not available in all grocery stores, however, I find it regularly in Safeway. When it is on sale, I pay $0.60, per 6 ounce container.

For additional information on Dannon Light & Fit Yogurt, plus recipes and other products made by Dannon, check out their website at

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2 Responses to Product Review – Dannon Light and Fit Yogurt

  1. Sarah says:

    Just a note, Dannon Light and Fit Raspberry Goji Flavor has less than 1% raspberry puree and no mention of Goji in the ingredients list. The 6 oz container is also shown as equalling 2 servings in the nutrition facts so double all the nutrition info shown on the label. That makes one container 160 calories, and 22g of sugar with no fiber. I also checked the Blueberry Acai flavor and found that while it apparently does contain a small amount of blueberry puree ( 6th on the ingredient list after kosher gelatin and fructose among other items), it also shows no acai in the ingredients. I bought a four pack of this brand thinking what a great deal for quick snacks or breakfasts but the misleading labeling and complete lack of any real fruit has convinced me that Dannon Light and Fit isn’t a choice I’ll be making again anytime soon.

    • Ann says:

      Thanks for mentioning the 2 servings. I was reading the ingredient list as I am eating it right now and wondered why there was no mention of Goji. I completely missed that the little container is 2 servings! How stupid. Who eats a half a container?

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