Product Review – Fellowes Shredder

The Fellowes Shredder is a life saver in my office. I receive so much junk mail. I recycle what I can, and use my Fellowes Shredder to shred the rest.

I also think one of the best defenses against identity theft is to invest in a cross cut shredder (end product looks like confetti). I’ve heard stories of people who used the “single cut” shredders (end product is strips of paper) , have their garbage stolen and the thieves pieced their paperwork back together to get their personal information- that’s pretty pathetic, but it happens.

Whether you have an office, or are just trying to organize your personal papers, you end up with a lot of paperwork. Some of this paperwork can be eliminated as soon you bring it home (you know, all of those credit card offers), some can me destroyed as soon as you pay the bill, but some paperwork must be kept for years. (Check with IRS and your State government for their requirements, if you’re in doubt on the time limits.)

When I bring the mail home, I have my trusty cross cut shredded right next to me. If I get credit card offers or other junk mail that has my name and address on it, I immediately put it into the shredder. As I open the mail, I divide it into three piles: business paperwork, that I have to enter into the computer, personal paperwork, and reading material. Most catalogs end up in the recycle bin. I try to recycle as much of the paperwork as possible. Between shredding and recycling, I get my mail down to only what’s important.

I use a Fellowes brand cross cut shredder which I’ve had for nearly two years, and am extremely pleased with it. It will shred up to eight sheets of paper at once, plus will shred credit cards.

UPDATE: Read my post Protecting Your Identity regarding depositing mail in the proper receptacle.

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