Product Review – Fiber One Chewy Bars

Adding fiber to your daily food intake is very important. Dr. Oz, spoke of adding fiber, on Oprah (see….Dr. Oz on Oprah), and most nutritionists will agree. fiber aids in digestion, helps to keep blood sugar level in check, and fiber also wards off hunger, by decreasing your appetite.

I love Fiber One cereal (see….Add Fiber To Your Diet With Fiber One Cereal), so when I saw the General Mills came out with a Fiber One bar, I had to try it.

I found the Fiber One bars in two flavors, oats and peanut butter, and oats and chocolate. Each bar provides 35% of the daily value of fiber, and have between 4-4.5 grams of fat per serving. The oats and chocolate bar has 135 calories, and the oats and peanut butter, has 140 calories. Neither one contains any trans fats, and they’re low in sodium (90-105 mg per serving). Each box contains five bars. I recently found them on sale at my local grocery store (in the snack bar/cereal section), 3 boxes for $6.99.

Both of the Fiber One bars are high in flavor, and are a great snack to take with you if you’re on the go. After trying both flavors, I personally prefer the oats and peanut butter. However, if I’m craving chocolate, the oats and chocolate bar, satisfies my craving.

As with any product high in fiber, remember to slowly increase your intake of fiber, in order to reduce the risk of gastrointestinal discomfort.

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