Product Review – John Frieda Dream Curls

John Frieda Dream Curls is a curl perfecting spray.

It comes in a pretty lavender capped spray bottle. On the bottle it claims to, “transform wilted waves and curls into sexy swerves, curves, and spirals”.

I had been looking for a new curl/wave reviver. The one I had been using, was too sticky, and I didn’t like the scent.

I tried the John Frieda Dream Curls on my hair, immediately after towel drying my hair. I spritzed some on, scrunched my hair, and let it air dry.

Within a short period of time, my hair dried, and it was full of waves and loose curls. The Dream Curls product worked exceptionally well. I used a pick to loosen the waves and curls. My hair did not feel stiff, crispy, nor was it sticky. The odor of the Dream Curls, is also a light clean scent. I also like the fact that it’s alcohol free.

On the second day after using John Frieda Dream Curls, I didn’t wash my hair. I wanted to revive my wave and curls, so I spritzed a little of the Dream Curls on my dry hair and scrunched it. Although my hair wasn’t quite as “stylish” as the first day (it never is), the Dream Curls product, helped to let me reshape my style. Even though I had used this product for two days in a row, my hair did not feel heavy or “full of product”.

I would highly recommend this product for anyone who has wavy or curly hair. It gives waves and curls definition, shine, and lift.

John Frieda Dream Curls is a product marketed under their Frizz-Ease line.

I purchased a 6.7oz bottle at WalMart, for under $5.00.

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