Product Review – John Frieda Luminous Color Glaze

John Frieda Luminous Color Glaze was recommended to me by several friends who use it. I had seen John Freida Luminous Color Glaze in the store, but had never tried it. The package says, “Luminous Color Glaze is an easy-to-use gel-creme formula that adds a hint of glossy color and boosts shine right in the shower.” It claims to “revive your color and add a high-gloss finish to hair”.

Based on the recommendations of my trusted friends, I decided to get the John Freida Luminous Color Glaze in a color that would compliment my natural color (which I need to color, in order to cover some gray). The Luminous Color Glaze comes in several different shades. I chose “chestnut to espresso”.

I washed and conditioned my hair, squeezed out the excess water and applied the John Freida Luminous Color Glaze. As per instructions, I washed my hands thoroughly , and waited for three minutes. After that, I rinsed out the Luminous Color Glaze and towel dried my hair. After I dried and styled my hair, I did notice my hair was more shiny, and very healthy looking. The gray that was starting to show, is now less noticeable. This is only after one application. I’m sold.

You can check out more about John Freida Luminous Color Glaze on their website at John

This product was also mentioned on Oprah, by one of her hairdresser guests.

I have also used John Freida’s “Frizz-Ease”, which is another product I’m very pleased with.

Update: When I first started using John Freida Luminous Color Glaze, the shampoo I was using wasn’t specially formulated for brown hair. Since then, I have purchased the John Freida brilliant brunette shine release moisturizing shampoo and light reflecting conditioner (in chestnut to espresso). I absolutely love these two products. They’re a great addition to the color glaze. My hair has more shine and looks healthier.

BTW: My hair is naturally brown and in good condition. I use a permanent color to cover the gray (see Product Review: Revlon Color Silk ).

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6 Responses to Product Review – John Frieda Luminous Color Glaze

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  2. claire North says:

    I have greying red hair and have been using The Hazelnut/ chestnut colour glaze since the product came out and I can honestly say it is the most fanstatic product I have ever used, My hair is shiny, looks healthy and has a beautiful colour and no sign of grey. Unfortunately my local Boots no longer stock this product, this is causing a lot of stress, as I cannot envisage coping without my colour glaze.

  3. Barbara says:

    Hi Claire,

    Isn’t it amazing how well this product works to cover gray and gives you shine too? I’m sold on it.

    Hopefully you can find another source for it soon.

    Barbara’s last blog post..Be Like Oprah – Help In Africa

  4. Jane says:

    I bought this product hoping to add luster to my lifeless hair and to enhance the pigment of my highlights. First, I shampooed and conditioned my hair to prep it up. Then, deep conditioned it to keep it from possible damage. Finally, I applied the product all over my hair making sure that every section is covered. I left it a lot longer than suggested, which was 15 minutes (it said to leave it on for at least 3 mins so I decided to go beyond hoping to see better result color-wise). After 15 minutes, I rinsed it with warm water and applied conditioning balm. I let it dry using an electric fan. After all the hard work, I checked myself and the mirror and saw no obvious result. My hair even felt drier than before. As with the gloss effect, I didn’t notice it either. It was a big disappointment considering that other John Frieda products live up to their claim. Hence, this does not lived up to my expectation.

  5. Hi Jane,

    Thank you for sharing your experience with the glaze. I’m sorry to hear it didn’t meet up to your expectations.

  6. Isabelle says:


    I would try it again and put it on for 3 minutes.

    It probably dried out your hair because you weren’t able to wash it out like it advised when you put it on for 20 minutes.
    Good luck!

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