Product Review – Revlon Color Silk

For years I’ve experimented with hair color. When I was younger, I just wanted to change my hair color, but as I grew older, gray hair became an issue. Finding a hair coloring kit that covers gray, is easy. Just buy any permanent coloring kit.

My goal was to find a brand of hair coloring kit, with lasing color.

I started with buying the expensive brands. My mentality was, if they’re more expensive, I’m sure they contain more color pigments. One by one, I was eliminating brands of hair coloring kits.

I came down to the cheapest one, Revlon Color Silk. Wouldn’t you know it. It has the most “staying power”, and the color doesn’t fade. Instead of coloring my hair every month, I can now go a lot longer. Revlon Color Silk stays. It is an ammonia free formula. I buy it at our local Walmart, for $2.97.

Prior to using Revlon Color Silk , I wash my hair with a clarifying shampoo (usually 48 hours before I color), to remove residue from hair stying products. After coloring my hair, I wash my hair with a shampoo formulated for “color treated” hair, and follow that up with a conditioner that’s also designed for color treated hair. Some shampoos can strip permanent hair color, quite quickly.

Last month I discovered John Frieda’s Color Glaze, and now add that to my hair washing routine twice a week. By finishing off my hair cleansing routine with the John Frieda Color Glaze, I can extend the time between coloring my hair even longer.

I have read some negative reviews online about Revlon Color Silk, however, I’ve had no negative results from using this product.

I use colors that are within a shade or two of my natural color, and my hair is in good condition.

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3 Responses to Product Review – Revlon Color Silk

  1. shenzee says:

    Its good you dont have any negative results while experimenting your hair.. :)

  2. Yes! I totally agree Color Silk is one of the better hair colors I’ve used, the aftermath of blow drying wasn’t good at all, after applying natural black to my hair let’s say it’s the healthiest it’s ever been.

  3. Hi Shenzee – I had negative results in the past (turned my hair green, but now am more careful what I use and how often.

    Hi Blonde – Like you, I’m very happy with Color Silk.

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