Product Review – Swiffer Dusters

Swiffer dusters are like magic. Just slide a duster onto the blue plastic handle, ruffle up the duster, and the Swiffer duster is ready to use.

The Swiffer duster works like a dust magnet. The dust stays in the Swiffer duster, and doesn’t go into the air.

I used to love my feather duster, but I did notice that when I dusted, the dust was just being redistributed, either on the same surface, or on the floor. Then it was time to get out the vacuum. Dust – Vacuum, Dust – Vacuum. It was a never ending battle. I also wondered if the vacuum was putting additional dust in the air.

Don’t ask me how, but I ended up receiving a free sample of the Swiffer Duster in the mail. I may have signed up for it on an email; but that’s not important.

Well, I tried the Swiffer Duster and was hooked. The dust stays in the disposable “head” and when it starts looking pretty gross, you just throw it away, and put a clean “head” on the little plastic handle. As I am looking at the box of Swiffer duster refills, I see they also have an extendable handle for higher surfaces.

I use my Swiffer Duster all of the time now, and what I like is that the dust isn’t flying around, and…..I am not having to vacuum every time I dust. How sweet is that?

As with anything, read the “warning label” on the box.

The only downside I see to the Swiffer Duster is that it’s another disposable item. But, don’t get me started on my thoughts of recycling, and landfills that are reaching their capacity.

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  1. angel says:

    This also works great under items not moved easily like your entertainment centers or dressers if you have hardwood floors. I use them in my house everywhere and you can get the extended handles for longer reach

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