Product Review: Wish-Bone Salad Spritzers

Cutting calories is now so much easier with Wish-Bone Salad Spritzers. Wish-Bone Salad Spritzers are salad dressing which are packaged in a spray bottle. One spray, has one calorie. On a typical salad, ten sprays of the Wish-Bone Salad Spritzer would be ample, and only ten calories. How sweet is that?

What I like about the Wish-Bone Salad Spritzers is:

1) It is portion controlled by the spray. No more measuring spoons.
2) It is a low calorie way of adding salad dressing-just shake and spray
3) You control where the dressing goes-no more heaps of dressing in one spot
4) Wish-Bone offers 7 different flavors-something for everyone

Check out and see more about this product. They also have great looking recipes.

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