Recycle Used Print Cartridges -Get An In-Store Credit

Did you know you can recycle your used print cartridges, and get a store credit?

I found out about recycling used print cartridges, quite by accident. I was in Office Max, and a customer was turning in used print cartridges. She got a store credit, which, in turn, reduced her total purchase. I asked the cashier about their policy, and she said that they give a store credit of $3.00 per used print cartridge cartridge.

Last week, I was in Office Max, and the cashier let me turn in five used print cartridges, for a savings of $15.00 :D

I have since called two other office supply stores, and here’s what I found:

Both Staples and Office Depot, offer a credit/coupon for $3.00 per cartridge and you can turn in up to three a day

Call your local office supply store, and see if your used brand of print cartridges, qualify for the in-store credit.

Recycling is always a good thing. And, by recycling your used print cartridges, you can “make money”. How sweet is that?

Want to make a few brownie points at work? Let the boss know about this money saving tip.

Office Depot, Inc

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