Recycling May Slow Down Global Warming

These days, we are hearing a lot about global warming. By some accounts, it is believed, that recycling may help in decreasing the speed of global warming. Buying recycled products also aids in the slow down of global warming.

We all contribute to global warming. If we do not recycle, we are helping to create more green house gases. Landfills are known to produce millions of tons of carbon dioxide and methane. These are two prominent green house gases, that some scientists attribute to global warming.

To quote the EPA:

Leading businesses and corporations are evaluated on many aspects of their performance, including product quality, ethics or standing in the community. These leaders can provide a powerful example promoting greenhouse gas reduction strategies through corporate incentives such as financial assistance for employees who use public transportation, car-pooling and even telecommuting. Other “green” practices such as recycling and purchasing recycled materials also contribute to emissions reductions

Recycling is great for the environment. Recycling is also a great business opportunity, as well.

Knowing what is recyclable is easy. A quick search online will produce a lengthy list. Among the common things that can be recycled are:

Paper, of all types, including newspaper and telephone books

Cardboard (non waxed)

Car and truck tires

Used oil


Wood products, including tree limbs, construction and demolition debris

Yard Debris, including grass clippings, leaves, and brush

Steel, brass, copper, tin, aluminum and other metal products

Glass containers

Aluminum containers, such as pop cans


Computer and Office Equipment

Cell Phones

Printer Cartridges


Plastic bottles and milk jugs (without lids)


Many of these items can be recycled and used to create more of the same. Whereas as, an item, such as wood and yard debris, can be ground up, and the end product becomes compost, or a biomass fuel.

Used tires are often ground up, and used as a playground ground cover.

If recycling and global warming are issues that tug at your heart strings, think about what part you can plan in stopping these items from ending up in landfills. It may be as simple as utilizing curbside recycling bins, or it may inspire you to create a business opportunity.

A business opportunity in recycling, may make an impact on global warming, while ensuring a sustainable future, for the next generation, as well.

For additional information on wood recycling, (a business opportunity, I have first hand knowledge of), read a previous article of mine, titled: “Wood Recycling – A Green Opportunity”.

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  2. amber says:

    global warming is bad….

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