Regifting – The Cheap Way To Give

Regifting, is the “art” of passing a gift you received, to another person. Some call it “recycling a gift”.

The question remains, “should you regift”, or recycle a gift?”

Whether you like a gift or not, whenever you receive a gift, the first thing you should do, is thank the giver. A hand written thank you, is always appreciated.

If you receive an article of clothing, or anything “sized”, you can always let the giver know, it is the wrong size, and you would like to exchange it.

You could also tell the giver, you have a similar item.

Asking the giver where they bought it from, so you can exchange it, isn’t rude. They may still have the receipt, or may have gotten a gift receipt.

Do not rely on the box it’s wrapped in, as many people wrap presents in miscellaneous boxes.

However, if the item is a “specialty item”, engraved, or otherwise, you may be stuck with the gift.

Passing a gift on to someone else, is pretty tacky.

Although regifting could be construed as being cheap, regifting also says that you really care about the person you are passing the gift on to.

If you have received a gift that doesn’t “suit” you, it would be better to donate it to a favorite charity, or just give it to someone who can use it.

There’s nothing worse than regifting or recycling a present, and without realizing it, years later, you give it back to the person who gave it to you.

How embarrassing would that be?

Instead of regifting or recycling a present, check out my list of 22 Cheap Holiday Gift Ideas for some great ideas.

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