Save Money – 16 Ways

Most of us like to save money. Saving money can actually be done in very simple ways. Here’s a list of 16 ways, I’ve found to save a few dollars. Add them up, and the savings can be substantial.

1) Recycle used print cartridges, and get a store credit, of up to $3.00 each. Want more information?
(Read: Recycle Used Print Cartridges-Get An In-Store Credit)

When buying your printer cartridges, stores often offer a “set” of two or three cartridges in one package. By buying the cartridges in a “set”, you can often save a few dollars. (When I purchased mine last week, I saved $6.00, by buying them in a set, vs individually).

2) Use white vinegar to make your own window cleaner. Save even more on household chemicals, read: Uses For Vinegar.

3) If you use dryer sheets, it’s not necessary to use a whole sheet for each load. I’ve cut mine in half (or even smaller), and they work just as well.

4) Do you buy bottled water? Get a Britta pitcher, filter your own water, and use a “reusable” type bottle for “water to go”, If your refrigerator has an inline filter, just fill your “reusable” bottles, and keep them in the refrigerator until you need them. (There are also other great water filtering systems that you can connect to your faucet, that will filter your water.)If you don’t mind the taste of your tap water, just fill your “reusable” bottles, and refrigerate them.If you’re reusing “bottled water bottles”, make sure they’re sanitary. Wash them with hot soapy water and place them upside down to dry. I just read an interesting article about reusing water bottles. You can read it at :

5) Use coupons whenever possible. Some stores offer a “doubler” coupon, and you can even save more. Check online for free coupons. Buy the “all you” magazine for less than $2.00-most issues are filled with over $35.00 worth of coupons. Save Money. Print Free Coupons Anytime.

6) Buy online. Save gas and time. Get your merchandise delivered right to your door. (Don’t forget to check the company’s return policy)

7) To save on stamps and envelopes, and the time it takes you to go to the post office, use your fax machine, or email, to send documents.

8.) Instead of using pre-printed (business) envelopes (with your return address), buy cheap plain envelopes (or window envelopes), and get an address stamp with your name and address. Stamp your own envelopes. Using window envelopes also saves time in addressing an envelope.

9) If you use business cards, make your own. Office supply stores sell the perforated paper in several colors. Be creative, (or not) and, design your own business card. Then, just print them off.
Get the Basics You Need in a CLICK at Office Depot!

10) Save money on car insurance. If your car is paid off, and the value of you vehicle is low, you may not need full coverage. Talk to your insurance representative about this option. Also, shop around for car insurance.

11) If you qualify, take advantage of “senior” discounts. Some stores have a “senior” day, with savings of 10%. Some movie theaters, hotels/motels, restaurants, and some airlines, also offer senior discounts. Using these discounts, could amount to a substantial savings.

12) Save on gas, by carpooling, biking, walking, or taking the bus.

13) To save on children’s clothes or toys, share “hand me downs”, with family and friends. Shop at second hand stores, on eBay, or at garage/yard sales. Have a garage sale of your own, and make some extra cash. (Read: How To Have A Successful Garage Sale)

14) If you buy something and it doesn’t fit, or match your decor, return it. (Read: Save Those Receipts, It’s Money In the Bank)

15) Instead of drinking brand named sodas, buy the store brand. In most cases, the difference in flavor is minimal.

16) To also save on gas, make sure your tires are properly inflated. Not sure? Most tire shops, provide this free service to customers who have purchased tires from them. Or, pick up a tire gauge (they’re cheap), and test your own. Need air? Find a gas stations that has air available.

Want more ways to save money? Read my previous aritcle 16 Great Ways To Save Money.Add all of these ideas together, and you’ll have 32 ways to save. How sweet is that? :D Do you have more money saving tips you would like to share? Just drop me a comment, and others can read your ideas.

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  1. nimzoindy says:

    Great tips. By the wat, i seen japannese is more into this recyle thing. My wife visit her friends house last month and she saw that japannese also cut and trim the plastic bottle before got it recycle.

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