Save Those Receipts – It’s Money In The Bank

I’ve become a big believer in saving receipts from all of my shopping purchases. In the past, I didn’t concentrate so much on keeping my receipts, but have found the value they hold.

Have you ever noticed, when you buy clothes in a store and try them on, they look great? But, then you get home, and try them on again, and they just don’t so great? That seems to happen to me a lot. It’s almost like the stores have “trick” mirrors. If you’re buying decorating items, a lot of times, the color looks different when you get it home.

What I’ve been doing for some time now, is saving all of my receipts. I have a small box in my office, and when I get home, or have time to empty my purse, I store the receipts in my “receipt” box. I don’t remove any of the tags off of the clothes until I know, for sure, I’m going to wear the item. Likewise, I leave the tags on the decorating items, as well. With clothes, or shoes, sometimes, I wait until I actually wear the item. Just, in case, I change my mind.

When I have items to return, I see it as “money in the bank”. Granted, sometimes you get a store credit, other times you get cash back, or your credit card, credited. Still, it’s money coming back to you.

If you frequent particular stores, I think it’s wise to know their return policy. If you write a check, a lot of stores won’t refund your money for 10 days to two weeks. Some, don’t seem to care. Some stores only give a store credit, no matter how you paid. It’s important to know their policy.

If you’re an impulse shopper, I think it’s even more important to save your receipts. I’ve bought on impulse, and when I’ve gotten home, I ask myself, “What were you thinking?’. Thank goodness I have the receipt.

So, with that being said, set up a place where you can store all of your receipts. Don’t throw them away until you know, for sure, you’ll use, or wear, everything you purchased. Trust me, you could be sitting on a small fortune.

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