Stop Junk Mail For A Greener Planet

Junk mail is a waste. It’s a waste of valuable trees, paper and time. For the benefit of the planet, a reduction in the amount of junk mail is essential.

Can you imagine how many trees are cut down to produce the paper junk mail is printed on? How many hours are wasted by postal handlers sorting all of that junk mail? It has to be millions.

And have you ever calculated how much time you spend, opening, sorting, shredding and/or tossing junk mail? For me, it’s a lot.


When I look at the whole junk mail picture, I realize jobs are created and big money is made in the forest industry, paper companies, printing (junk mail)l companies, credit card companies, and within the postal system.

When I pick up my mail, about 75% of it ends up in the recycle bin, shredder or garbage.

So how does a consumer stop this influx of junk mail?

Call the 1-800 number in your credit card statements and ask to “opt out” of future credit card offers.

Then, proceed to call or write to all companies who are sending you catalogs, brochures, sales letters, contest entries, or other junk mail. Ask them to take your name off of their mailing lists.

Say “no” to junk mail, and help make the world more green.

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2 Responses to Stop Junk Mail For A Greener Planet

  1. Kendra says:

    Hey, GreenDimes here- thanks for mentioning us in your post! We appreciate your helping us spread the word by telling your readers about our services. Make sure you check the site in the next week or so for some awesome new features! Take good care and thanks again for the post.
    Kendra Ott

  2. Barbara says:

    Hi Kendra,

    It’s my pleasure to share information about Green Dimes. You’re doing a great thing for the environment, and I love that fact you plant trees too. :)

    Barbara’s last blog post..Stop Junk Mail For A Greener Planet

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