Mothers Against Texting Drivers

I see the writing on the wall. Soon, an organization will be formed, called “Mothers Against Texting Drivers” (MATD), based on the format of “MADD” (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers).

More and more people are being killed or injured, by either driving while texting, or by other drivers, who are texting while driving.

Today (9/10/07),on the “Dr. Phil Show”, Dr. Phil talked to two young people, who have texted messages, on their cell phones, while driving. One was “addicted” to texting, the other, while texting, hit and killed a bicyclist.

Is texting while driving any different than driving “under the influence” of alcohol or drugs?

If a person is killed by a texting driver, should it be classified as vehicular manslaughter?.

If a minor (someone under the age of 18) kills, or injures a person while driving, what should the penalty be?

Should parents be held accountable for what happens, if their minor child is texting while driving?

Should the inventor of this technology, be held responsible, if someone gets killed or injured by a texting driver?

Should cell phone companies be held accountable for promoting this feature on cell phones?

Should cell phone makers be required to install a “text blocking” feature, similar to the blocking features that are available for televisions and computers?

Should DWT (driving while texting) accidents, be added to a person’s driving record? And, in turn, increase their insurance premiums? Or, result in the loss of their drivers license?

Should DWT, become a moving (motor vehicle driving) violation?

What would you do, if a loved one got killed, or injured, by a texting driver?

How would you feel if you, or a child of yours, killed someone due to texting while driving?

This is an issue that is still in it’s infancy. More and more individuals will become the victims of texting drivers. We will definitely see more accidents and vehicle damage as a result of texting drivers.

Washington State has passed legislation which will impose a fine for DWT (driving while texting).

What do you think?

Should texting while driving be banned?

UPDATE: Since this post was written, the topic of texting while driving has resulted in the passage of more laws. On January 18, 2010, this topic was also discussed on Oprah. Oprah is now asking her viewers to sign a pledge that they will stop texting and/or talking on the phone while driving; named the “No Phone Zone”.

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20 Responses to Mothers Against Texting Drivers

  1. D says:

    Any time someone is driving it is their responsibility to focus on the road and drive as safely as possible. To risk their and others lives is foolishness taken to the max. Taking your eyes off the road for a moment can result in a trajedy and texting requires more than a moment. Just as a DUI is added to someones record, a Driving While Texting (DWT) should also be added – along with the other consquences as higher insurance rates, etc. I applaud the states that have made it a ticketable offense to drive and talk on the phone. I wish more would follow this example.

  2. Barbara says:


    Thank you for your comment.

    I totally agree with you. I wouldn’t want to be a victim of a DWT driver, nor would I want to have a loved one harmed or killed by one.

  3. asako says:

    I totally agree. Actually, the cell phone company should be able to provide a technological solution to disable cell phones from text messaging while people are driving.

  4. Barbara says:


    Hmmmmmmmmmmmm? Could this be an idea you showcase on your website/blog?

  5. asako says:

    Well, that is a good point. One day, it may appear on my blog… Every time I come to your site, I get a great inspiration.

  6. Kathy Couch says:

    My son was killed by a red light runner talking on a cell phone.2003 My life was changed for ever. It was one week after his 29th birthday. One month after he got his motorcycle. He went for a Sunday drive never to come home again. Tim was sitting at a red light waiting to turn. His killer was to busy talking. He hit a teen girl that had a green light. It sent him in the air coming down on my son. Teens are not the only one on phone out their killing people.That man got off with no jail time no fine no time what so every Walked free after killing a person. Our laws need changing. Save A Life Hang Up And Drive.

  7. Hi Kathy,

    Thank you for stopping by and sharing your story.

    I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. It’s never easy losing a loved one, and I can’t imagine what it would be like to lose a child.

    The laws do need to be changed with regard to being on a cell phone while driving, as do the penalties for those who injury or kill others.

  8. Kathy Couch says:

    My son was killed by a redlight runner on his cellphone. The man was in his 50th. It not just kids doing it .I have a myspace for Tim too. I have cellphone accident in the picture part of myspace. My mind was blowed away by how bad it is out there. We need to stop this madness. It started with talking and now its texting.Wake up people you cann’t drive and be on the cellphone. Intoxicated with the conversation and Intexticated its just plain murder.Tim was just sitting at a redlight that Sunday afternoon. When the man ran the red light and a sixteen yr girl hit him. He went airborne and came down on Tim. Our lives changed for every. That man got off FREE FREE. They called it NO INTENT. Every body knows the fight thats going on with cellphone driver. Were not trying to take your phone away. We are trying to stop you from killing our kids. Kathy Couch

  9. Michael says:

    What about when you are travelling down an Interstate and see an SUV holding a soccer mom and 3 kids, talking on the phone animatedly and weaving all over, just to have her pass you and see that she has a big prominant MADD sticker on the back of the SUV?

  10. Dave Pace says:

    All cars should be equipped with integrated Bluetooth as this allows hands-free talking. It is a safety feature.
    Further advanced phones could allow speech-to-text messages. End of distracting finger based texting with many live spared.

    Obviously there should be a Mad Mothers Against Texting, as texting is eight times as likely as drunks to cause accidents and death. But MADD is basically against males. Here is the smoking gun:
    Since many females also text, this class of women are not nearly as offended, even though logically they should be.

    Now of course many people with get emotional to the truthful opinion. In the meantime our loved ones are needlessly dying because we don’t want to give up texting. Realize we are the problem and are to self centered and selfish to take the necessary action.

    However I’m doing my part, as both of my cars have handsfree Bluetooth.

  11. I am moved by these comments.Finally some people are speaking out. I hear and see about this often.Something needs to be done about these senseless tragedies as a resultof texting while driving. This is a major issue akin to driving while drunk and driving while using a cell phone.

  12. h b says:

    hi my name is haley and im a sophomore at syracuse university. i am writing an article on driving while texting and how mothers feel about it (MADT). It is like MADD but MADT are mad at drivers who text while driving instead of drinking. I was wondering if i could interview someone on how they feel about texting and driving, what should be done, how it is like MADD, and applications that should be used.
    please email me back at
    if you are interested
    thank you

  13. Hello, my name is Desiree Richardson, and I totally agree with everyone that texting and driving is far worst then drinking and driving. Continued prayers go out to those who have been affected by this problem.
    Awareness is key, but we also need to talk about solutions. One company that has a solution to this epidemic is FDI Voice…helping to save lives and keep the roads safe.
    please contact me if you have any questions about this life saving technology 215.660.3115.

  14. Sturm Law says:

    They outlawed texting and driving in Utah. I’m so glad they did, I think more states should do the same.

  15. derek says:

    Texting while driving is a major issue. There is a great Android App that has come out, that is real easy to use. It’s called Bzzy. It’s getting great reviews everyday, please check it out and let your readers know. Safety and texting is at its core. and their facebook:

  16. Tim Cody says:

    My company is developing a solution to this problem. There are plenty of punishments and discouragement out there for texting while driving yet the problem still continues to grow. Our company is developing an app that takes a new approach to getting people to stop. Instead of punishing the people who do it we plan to reward the people who can prove using our app that are not using their cell phones while driving. Our app monitors your cell phone activity while driving and creates a database of proven attentive drivers. We then plan to trade the information stored in those databases for rewards for those proven safe drivers. We plan to get them stuff like car insurance discounts, EZ pass credits, and more! Checkout our website for more information and spread the the word please. It could help to save lives.

  17. John Lauro says:





  18. Dillon Sunday says:

    hello there i am 14 and i hate people who text and drive and i think you guys are doing the right thing by doing this and you have my support. expect a email coming from someone with a psa about this subject…. so ya haha thanks i have found the organization i need to put in my speech! thank you again for this!

  19. Ron Mosher says:

    I believe the auto, cell phone & insurance industries should work together on this. The auto industry should be able to install switches in the driver’s seat similar to the one that activates the seat belt light. This switch could send a signal to the cell phone that would disable the texting feature. The cell phone companies should be able to install a reciever in the phones that has to be activated. When their subscriber activates the reciever the customer should be eligible for a discount on their insurance policy. The discount would encourage drivers to activate the reciever. Everybody wins.

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